Our experience in business continuation and post-recovery planning gives us the expertise to guide you in developing carefully conceived, cost-effective, practical contingency strategies.

Our professional planners have vast individual experience with disaster planning and actual recovery. Having people with specialized experience in security, health and safety, environmental, information systems, risk management, and construction, as well as other technical fields, gives us a depth of experience that can't be matched.

Continuum, Inc. realizes that business continuation planning and disaster recovery are related - but separate - disciplines. Our planning proficiency and expertise stand on their own. Continuum's planning professionals will always be there for your company, no matter what your needs may be.

Our business continuation plans are detailed, in-depth, and comprehensive - not just superficial activities that offer generic suggestions. Our experienced planners focus on your company's specific needs and circumstances.



  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Identification of Continuation Recovery Priorities
  • Identification of Back-up Strategies and Off-site Storage Requirements
  • Security/Crime Assessment and Consulting
  • Development of Emergency Operating Procedures
  • Development and Assessment of all Aspects of Business Continuation Planning Strategies
  • Review and Assessment of Completed Business Continuation and Recovery Plans
  • Facilitation and Implementation of Plan Testing and Exercises
  • Extensive Disaster Recovery and Restoration Services
  • Physical Structure Assessment
  • Insurance and Risk Financing Solutions
  • Governmental Coordination Planning
  • Insurance Assessment Mitigation
  • Reconstruction Management
  • Crisis Management Planning
  • Forensic Accounting/Claims Consulting
  • Web-Based BCP Software
  • Emergency Planning



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